Monday, 8 November 2010

Sparks Alive

Image from Susan #56 #microfiction www.stonyriver blogger Stony River
Image Prompt

'sliding rides on butt made numb
sparks alive more leaves to come'

(c) Lib


  1. second return coundn't resist ~ inspired by anothers real good twist ~ LIsa Richard Claro ~ ~ please see giant acorns for the first ~ Lib

  2. Hi Lib - Thanks for the mention. (No h between the c and a in middle name...just Ricard..but believe me, you aren't the first to put it there. LOL) Glad to have inspired such a terrific MF tale. And I'll be your first follower. I'm intrigued by your profile!

  3. Hey Libithina,I will be your 2nd follower.
    Sliding in on butts made numb!hehehe!CUTE!And thanks so much for visiting LazyonLoblolly,and the sweet comment.

  4. Aww, that was so cute! Looks like she had a ton of fun. Really enjoyed this. :)

  5. What a fun take! I'm happy to follow you too :)

  6. Sparks alive! Very cute!