Monday, 15 November 2010


Mexican Microfiction ~ double shots? ~ no triple :)

Pancho the ponchoed baton twirler asked to borrow my burro, I had to cochineal & beetled off

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Aye Caramba! Mr. Eastwoods cheroot has gotten larger since he won that oscar for Unforgiven

I heard word Pablo could whittle a small but astonishingly realistic scale model of the Alamo under that Poncho

couldn't resist :)


  1. OOps typo .... Caramba .. aye aye aye
    (in 2nd shot)

  2. @fifthsister ... Ha Ha .. that poncho sure is multi purposed :) ..
    3RD shot?? ... I heard word Pablo could whittle a small but astonishingly realistic scale model of the Alamo under that Poncho ..heehe (think I could have shot after shot)

  3. You obviously have a inexhaustible supply of fun! :)

  4. thanks Jinksy ..
    @Lisa Ricard and her very funny liners (Zorro inspired) ...
    4TH shot ... En garde!! (says the Mexican practicing his French in the desert fencing with the cacti)
    Touch!! Tu pequeno Pr **ks.
    affecting his Coup de gras :)
    Couldn't resist Lisa :) .. inspired fun is infecting

  5. inspired @Nessa :- sometimes opposites attract ~ even though Jules and Roland are poles apart as long as there's cacti in sight their joined at the heart ~ shame they have to live out their days in the desert :) although perhaps the odd cacti in a plantpot would suffice ~ only time could tell :)
    Oh dear!!
    have a great week
    everyone ~

    Really enjoyed the mmicrofiction Monday prompt ~
    Lib xx

  6. 6th :- Harry's cloak of invisibilty may have malfunctioned but his wand seems to have grown proportionately in his favor ~ #Harrypotterish

    Many thanks again to Susan at Stony River Farm for hosting Microfiction Monday ~ and this weeks Mexican bonanza ~ xx Mucho Amor amigos y amigas

  7. Wow you are good.
    Loved the last one too!
    I'm your fourth follower, don't think that I have even been that!

  8. that is too funny, I loved reading the funny posts and this one takes the prize. Aye caramba!

  9. HaHa! Loved the baton twirler! Cracked me up. This pic just brought out the imp in us, didn't it? Too funny.

  10. @bubblegum :- lolitas curvitas ~
    were the same as Juanitas
    what was a man to do!!
    aye aye aye Caramba!!!

  11. Oh, my so many funnies. I think you did a triple anyway.

  12. Your triple shots are terrific. I laughed the most at the last one--hilarious!

  13. Great microfictions! I enjoyed reading all of them. Hope you have a wonderful week. Cheers!

  14. You have a great sense of humour!