Saturday, 13 November 2010

Body of Work: Lost

Body of Work: Lost: "Yesterday I misplaced my cell phone. I was pretty sure it was somewhere around the house under the stacks of old newspapers, rotting mangos ..."

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  1. really funny this so had to re blog and re post ~ my comment to it :-
    great post Cora ~ sparked loads for me ~ nlot to mention the loss of our house phone and how we always have to 'ring' it to locate ~ but yours had switched off :( gawd ~ but isn't it the way almost as if the darned thing had become animated springing legs (as a lot does in our home) and hidden itself ~ tittering to itself while you were beside yourself searching for the little divil ~~ hope you gave it a good telling off when it was finally discovered in it's hiding place ~ brings me to mind of the famous scene in fawlty towers when basil fawlty's car breaks down ~ knod of the last straw situation ~ and in frustration he gets out and beats it with a branch from a fallen tree ~ and yes I know but it still makes me smile as did your write ~ but I am so glad you got it back ~ wishes Lib xx